Two Of Your Hardwood Flooring Concerns Addressed

Choosing the right type of floor for your home can be a major decision to make. Not only will this represent a major investment on your part, it will also play a major role in determining the value of your home. Wood is one of the most commonly selected options for interior flooring, and If you are currently needing to make this decision, you might have a couple of questions when you are evaluating hardwood floors for your needs. 

Are There Advantages To Choosing Engineered Hardwood?

There are many different types of hardwood flooring that you can choose. However, engineered flooring is a relatively new option that can provide your home with numerous advantages over traditional hardwood flooring. The primary benefit stems from its higher durability, which comes from the way the wood is made. 

Rather than being a single piece of wood, engineered flooring is made from a series of pieces of wood that are glued together. This allows the wood to be more flexible, which will reduce the likelihood of it cracking. Also, this will help reduce the chances that the wood dramatically expands and contracts in response to temperature and humidity changes. 

What Can Be Done For Deep Scratches To Hardwood?

While you will take great care to keep your floor looking great, there is always the chance that your flooring can suffer scratches. Often, these scratches occur from moving furniture or dropping heavy objects. Sadly, some people think that there is no way to repair these scratches without replacing that part of the floor. Fortunately, this is not necessary, and it is possible for you to patch most scratches. 

To repair scratches, you will need to use wood putty to fill in the scratch, and smooth it so that it is level with the surrounding wood. After several hours, this putty should be completely dry, and you can apply a coat of finishing stain to help blend it into the rest of the wood. Lastly, you will need to seal the wood to prevent moisture from seeping into the repaired scratch and causing rot. 

Hardwood can be an excellent option for almost any home's floors. However, you have numerous types of hardwood floors to choose from, and this process can be somewhat overwhelming if you have never made this type of decision in the past. By knowing the answers to these routine questions about this type of flooring, you should be better able to make a practical and informed decision for your home. Contact Costen Floors Inc for more information.