Things To Determine Before Your Refinish Your Floor

There are several things to consider before you refinish your wood floor. This article will explain what potential problems and hurdles you need to be aware of before you decide to refinish your hardwood flooring.

Can Your Floor Be Refinished?

The first thing to do, before you start to do any work, is figure out whether or not your floor can actually be refinished. Not all hardwood floors can be refinished because some are built out of thin veneer layers. This means that the planks are actually made out of thin strips of wood that are glued together. When you refinish a floor you have to sand off the top layer of stain or paint. The sanding can often remove a full 1/4" off of the top layer of wood. If these veneers are too thin, they cannot be sanded down because only the top veneer is actually made out of hardwood. The lower veneers are made out composites woods like particle board. If you sand through the top veneer, it will expose the glue and the veneer beneath and your floor will be ruined.

However, many hardwood floors are made out of wood planks that are solid pieces of wood. These can be sanded down several times throughout their lifetime without any fears of the floor being damaged. The fact that you can refinish solid hardwood planks as many times as you want is one of the major selling points. On the other hand, some people are attracted to cheaper prefabricated floors because they can tear it out easily and just install a new floor with a different finish.

Are You Ready To Stay Off Of Your Floor For A Full Week?

All in all, the process of refinishing your floor can take at least one week from the time you move all of the furniture out of room until the time that move the furniture back in after the last coat of stain dries. You should be aware that your floor will be almost completely inaccessible during the entire week. Much of the time will be spent waiting for the stain and primer to dry. So, you have to plan your remodel accordingly. It might be easiest to plan it when you will be out of town, especially if you are refinishing a floor in an important room, like your kitchen.

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