4 Simple Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your New Carpeting

You've made the decision to have new carpet installed in your home, and you're paying a pretty penny for it. As such, you understandably want to ensure that your new carpet looks its best for many years to come. Unfortunately, carpet is a flooring option that's notoriously difficult to maintain. By following just a few simple tips, however, you can be sure to prolong the life of your new carpet and save yourself money on replacement down the road.

Have Quality Padding Installed

New carpet is really only as good as its padding, so make sure to invest in a quality layer of padding when you have your new carpet installed. After all, the role of carpet padding is to help absorb the impact of foot traffic from your actual carpeting, thus preserving its plush and new appearance. Furthermore, the right padding can also help soak up stains that would otherwise end up trapped in the carpet itself.

Invest in Rugs and Entry Mats

No matter where your new carpet will be installed, it's important to make note of areas that will have high foot traffic and to protect the carpeting accordingly. For example, if you're having new carpet put in your living room, having an entry foyer with tile, or at the very least, a large floor mat, will help to keep debris from shoes from ending up on your new carpet. For stairs and other high traffic areas, a carpet runner or area rug can help to protect it.

Schedule Annual Deep Cleanings

It should go without saying that vacuuming your new carpet regularly will help keep it looking its best, but even with regular vacuuming, there are some set-in stains and debris that the standard vacuum cleaner will have a hard time removing. This is where it can be helpful to hire a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year to perform a deep cleaning on your home's carpeting. A professional carpet shampooer will help get rid of difficult stains and odors, leaving your carpet looking like new.

Know How to Remove Difficult Stains

Finally, be sure to clean up stains as soon as you notice them, and be aware of how to deal with difficult stains. For example, red wine can be difficult to remove from carpets, but by applying a mixture of baking soda and cold water to a red wine stain, allowing it to dry, and vacuuming up the excess baking soda powder, you can get rid of red wine stains when you act quickly enough.

If you have additional concerns about preserving your carpet, talk to a flooring professional, like those at Olden Paint & Fresh Look Flooring.