Tired Of Carpet? There Are Fun Flooring Alternatives

Homeowners who are sick of their old carpet can't be blamed. It can be dusty, hold stains and reveal traffic patterns in a home. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives to carpet that are modern, beautiful and easy to care for.

Wood Floors

Some people are lucky and pull up that dirty old carpet to reveal original wood floors. But the floors might need a little work to undo the damage done by large pieces of dirt that filtered through the rug and scratched the floor. For some, this is a DIY project, but it's often better to leave a job like that to the professionals. It might need just a top coat to fill in the scratches, or the floor might need to be sanded and recoated. That's a huge job. But if the carpet is pulled up to reveal nothing but cement, it isn't terrible news. A hardwood flooring service can provide the floors of your dreams. The look can be customized with different stain colors, plank widths or materials. Companies like Idaho Hardwood Flooring may be able to meet your needs in this area.

Cork Floors

Cork is a floor material quickly growing in popularity. It is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options out there because cork is considered renewable and sustainable. It also is just as versatile as wood in the patterns and colors available. It is warm, durable. and can have a slight give to it, which makes it ideal for a room in which people stand a lot, like the kitchen.

Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring is versatile and fairly inexpensive. It can be painted in a solid color or pattern, stained or painted to look like something else—even hardwood floors! It's a durable choice; however, some people who have concrete floors complain of the cold. For people who love the look, but get chilly toes, they can brighten up the area with a few throw rugs that'll keep feet warmer in the winter.  

Tile Floors

Homeowners can let their imaginations run wild with a tile floor. Tiles come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny mosaic tiles to large planks that look like wood. It's a classic choice and if it is sealed properly, the only regular care it will need is sweeping or vacuuming. Radiant floors are beginning to grow in popularity, and tile floors are an excellent choice to lay over a radiant floor because they warm beautifully in the winter. Like concrete, it can be cold if it doesn't cover a radiant floor, but that's nothing a few rugs or a comfy pair of socks can't fix.