Three Ways to Keep Your Grout Clean

Tile is an ideal flooring option. It's long-lasting, relatively easy to maintain, and, most importantly, it looks great. However, the grout can sometimes be a struggle to keep clean. While it won't necessarily cause damage, dirty grout can make your floor look worn and unattractive. Fortunately, there are some ways you can simplify this task.

Open the Windows

Sometimes, when your tile grout looks dirty, it's not actually dirt. You could instead be looking at mildew. Particularly in a more humid environment, such as a bathroom with poor ventilation, mildew can develop and spread within the grout, causing it to take on a grey appearance.

To resolve this problem, you first want to thoroughly clean your grout with a mixture of water and bleach. After this, open any windows in or near the bathroom area and allow the tile to dry. To prevent the mildew from returning, make it a practice to periodically open the windows to ensure proper ventilation.

Use the Right Cleaners

When cleaning your grout, don't just look under your sink and grab the first cleaner you see to perform this task. This practice can actually make your grout dirtier in the long-run. Many all-purpose household cleaners are filled with harsh chemicals.

Especially if you have hard water, the combination of the chemicals and the minerals in the water can react and leave a residue on top of the grout. Oftentimes, this residue serves as something similar to a sticky pad for dirt and other debris, making it look even dirtier. It's best to choose a product that is specifically labeled as a grout cleaner to prevent any sticky buildup.

Rely on a Professional

Although you might do an excellent job at keeping your home clean on your own, make sure you aren't overlooking the assistance of a professional. Having your grout professionally cleaned will not only make the floor look better but also make your efforts to keep your floor clean easier.

The primary reason for this is the specialized equipment professional grout cleaners use. This equipment can extract dirt on a much deeper level than you would be able to. Secondly, they will also apply a protective coating over the grout that will help prevent dirt from adhering to it, which will also help keep it clean longer.

Make sure you are focusing your efforts on keeping your grout cleaner. For more tips, talk to a tile cleaner like Houston Groutsmith.