Four Benefits Of Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

You are desperate to put wood flooring in your home; that makes sense because wood floors are beautiful. There are just a few issues or barriers you have with that project. One, you have a dog and kids. Two, you cannot afford hardwood flooring. Three, who has the time to go without a floor for hours or days while wood floors are installed? (Certainly not you.) Instead, consider waterproof vinyl plank flooring. The following four benefits are quite convincing.

It Is Waterproof

The fact that these vinyl planks are waterproof is more than enough to convince most homeowners to install this type of flooring. It does not matter what you spill on the floor; it will not sink into the materials, through the cracks, or get underneath. Because it is entirely vinyl, it wipes up really well, too. You never have to worry about warping, discoloration, or staining. Nothing liquid can damage this floor.

It Looks and Feels Like Planed Wood

All of the available vinyl flooring options now offer various "woods" in various "stains." That means that you can choose American hickory with a walnut "stain" or any other combination you like. Best of all, all of your options feel like smooth, planed wood, with some intentional bumps or rough spots to convince your feet that you are standing on wood.

One Average-Sized Room of Flooring Can Be Installed in Less Than a Day

Take the average-sized room in any home, which is usually twelve to fifteen feet one direction, and twelve to twenty feet in another direction. The flooring planks needed to cover this room can be installed by two people in less than a day. (Most of the time, it can be installed in less than a day.) The easy, snap-lock planks quickly fit together across the expanse of the floor and pop into place without glue or nails. You do not need to wait for any glue to dry to walk on it either. The minute the entire floor is all pop-locked in, you can walk on it.

It Costs Far Less Than Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring costs upwards of $10 a square foot, and often significantly higher than that. For waterproof vinyl plank flooring, you will spend about a fifth to a third of that, depending on brand, sale prices, and finishes. Best of all, if your dog or kids scratch it up, you just pop out the damaged plank and pop in a replacement plank!