3 Reasons To Go With Travertine Tile For Your Floor

If you are building a home and putting in flooring, or if you are redoing the flooring in your current home, you have so many excellent options. Flooring has advanced so much in the last few years and it is hard to go wrong with most flooring options. However, one option that is universally great is travertine floor tiles. Here are three reasons to choose travertine tile flooring. 

It Is Water Resistant

One awesome reason to go with travertine tile is the fact that it is water resistant. You never know when a water leak could happen, or simply when some water will be spilled on your floor. If you have a floor that is not resistant to water, such as wood, then it could be completely ruined by a water spill. The wood will swell and then blow up, making it look deformed. Thankfully, the water will instead pool on the surface of the tile, allowing you to simply clean it up. This is beneficial for basement flooring as well because basements are more prone to flooding due to their lower surface level. This could save you a lot of repair costs and allow you to actually save your floors.

It Can Be Made To Look Like Other Materials

Another awesome reason to use travertine tile in your home is the fact that it can be made to look like so many other types of flooring. If you have always dreamed of having a marble floor, then you can find a tile that is made to look just like marble. You can also get a tile that is made to look like wood and can also be cut just like wood. If laminate is what you like, tile can actually be created to look just like this as well. You have a lot of great options, making it almost impossible not to find a style of tile flooring that meets your wants and needs.  

It Has A Good Price Point

Compared to floors made out of wood or marble, travertine tile can be much more affordable. This is great if you want nice flooring, but you don't have an endless budget for it. You can afford to have the tile put down in all of the main areas of your home. Also, because the tile can be made to look like other materials, you can switch it up throughout your home, if you'd like to do that.