Tips for Caring for New Laminate Flooring

Did you just have new laminate flooring installed throughout your home? If so, your initial instincts may be to do whatever you can to prevent the floors from becoming damaged. Here are some tips for caring for laminate flooring material.

Avoid Using Wood Polish

Laminate flooring material is designed to replicate the look of real wood flooring, but you shouldn't care for the material in the same way you would care for real wood. One mistake that many homeowners make is using a wood polish on the surface of laminate flooring. This actually causes more harm than good, since it will cause the laminate surface to look dull as a result.

Dry Mop the Surface

If you want your laminate floors to look shiny, then you need to keep the surface clean. The material has a top coat that is designed to protect the layers underneath, and this layer is the first thing that can become damaged after years of wear and tear. For your high traffic areas, you'll want to dry mop the surface to remove scuffs and dirt. Those things will not get pressed into that protective top coat and help the surface look great.

Avoid Powerful Cleaners

You should avoid using any powerful chemicals to clean your laminate flooring since it can damage the protective coating on the surface. They'll either dull the protective coat or leave behind a residue on the surface that looks really bad.

Clean with Gentle Cleaners

A gentle cleaning solution such as vinegar or mineral spirits will work best on a laminate floor. They are typically diluted with water before being used on the laminate surface. Just be sure to not use a soap with a dye added to it, since it may cause the floor to become discolored.

Use Alcohol for Difficult Stains

while you'll find that it is easy to keep laminate flooring clean from daily wear and tear, there may be an accident that creates a tough stain. For instance, having ink spill on the surface, or accidentally dripping nail polish. These stains can be removed with rubbing alcohol. All you need to do is apply a small amount to the spot that is affected and gently rub it with a clean cloth. It will help loosen the stain and disinfect the spot as well. The alcohol will dry fast, so there will not be any areas to avoid soon after cleaning.

Have more questions about caring for laminate flooring? Ask your flooring contractor at the time of the installation.