Misconceptions About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There are misconceptions on just about everything in life and carpet cleaning is no different. There are a lot of falsehoods that many people believe about commercial carpet cleaning services, either because they think these false things make sense, or simply because that's what they have always heard. When you are thinking about commercial carpet care, you are going to want to be working with facts so you can make the right decisions regarding your carpet.  

Misconception 1: Commercial carpet cleaning is just to clean the carpet

Most people think that commercial carpet cleaning has one purpose, and that is to clean the carpet. However, your carpet will get more out of a good cleaning than just dirt removal. When a commercial carpet cleaning comes out and cleans your carpet, much more than dirt is sucked up. Things like pollutants, toxins, pathogens, and pollen will come out of the carpet, along with what people consider to be 'dirt'. This will help to decrease allergies for people with allergy issues. It will also help to keep everyone in the house healthier in general. Plus, having your carpet professionally cleaned will bring it back to life aesthetically. When carpet gets walked on over and over again, it tends to get flat to the point where vacuuming no longer pulls it back up to its original fluffiness as carpet cleaning does.

Misconception 2: Commercial carpet cleaning should be done only when you see the carpet is dirty

Many people also have the misconception that the carpet is clean as long as it still looks clean. This causes many to wait far longer than they should before they finally have their carpet professionally cleaned. The first thing you want to realize is one of the main jobs of carpet is to hide dirt, and it does this well. All the dirt from shoes, leftover soil from spills, dust, and other debris will go down in the carpet where it will be unseen. By the time your carpet looks dirty, it is beyond dirty and well past filthy. This is why it is a good idea to be on a regular routine with carpet cleaning. A general rule of thumb is to have your carpet professionally cleaned once a year. Of course, you'll want to have it cleaned more often if you have pets or if there are smokers in the home.

Misconception 3: Household carpet cleaners are just as good as commercial carpet cleaners

Just because household steam cleaners have a lot of advertisements on them that claim wonderful results, this does not mean they are as good as commercial carpet cleaners. In fact, household carpet cleaners should be thought as more of a tool to use when the carpet is looking a bit drab between professional cleanings, or when there is a spill or soiling that needs to be cleaned up.

To ensure your carpet is as clean as possible, schedule professional commercial carpet cleaning services for your business today.