5 Benefits To Hardwood Flooring That You May Not Have Realized

When choosing new flooring for their home, many people are drawn to the natural beauty and shine of hardwood floors, and who can blame them? Hardwood floors are gorgeous. Aside from their obvious beauty, however, there are a slew of other reasons to select hardwood floor installation for your home. 

1. Low Maintenance: Wood floors are easy to maintain. A simple dusting with a dry mop each week will help bring out their natural finish. For higher traffic areas, there are plenty of gentle cleaners on the market that can be wiped on and off to bring out the natural shine of your wood floors.

2. Added Value: Wood floors add value to a home's bottom line. In fact, a report discussed on the National Association of Realtors website states that over 90 percent of real estate agents feel that homes with hardwood floors are not only easier to sell, but they also sell for more money - up to ten percent more. Those are pretty strong numbers to support your purchase decision. 

3. Better Air Quality: Natural wood flooring is better for your overall health. In fact, laminate flooring, often produced in China, has been known to release harmful formaldehyde into the air months after it is installed. This process is called off-gassing and can be dangerous, particularly to those with compromised immune systems. Both the World Health Organization and the Consumer Product Safety Commission warn against laminate flooring with formaldehyde and the dangers of formaldehyde off-gassing in residential settings.  

4. Durability: Hardwood floors are a durable choice for flooring in your home. They can withstand years of muddy boots, dropped book bags, and sandy flip flops just as well as they withstood the challenges of Mother Nature when they were outside.  

5. Longevity: The added bonus of hardwood flooring that many people do not realize is that they can be finished again and again. In fact, some hardwood floors have been going strong for centuries. Unlike engineered wood floors, which have a thin layer of wood applied to a backing, hardwoods are solid wood throughout. Professionals can sand the finish off hardwoods and re-stain them as you see fit. You can't re-finish engineered floors. 

While you may initially be drawn to hardwood for purely aesthetic reasons, choose wood floor installation for the durability, low-maintenance, and value of the product. Wood floors are a purchase for your home that you will never regret. Contact a flooring company like All Brite Floors, Inc. to learn more.