Reasons To Love Ceramic Tile Flooring And Options You Have When Matching Tiles To Your Home

Ceramic tile flooring is popular for several reasons and it is suitable for every room in your home since it comes in different shapes and sizes. Ceramic tiles are put down with mortar and grout, so once they're in place, they can last for many decades. Here are the benefits of a ceramic tile floor and some options you have.

The Benefits Of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile flooring is durable, so you don't have to worry too much about scratches from everyday life even if you have kids and pets. Plus, the floor is easy to keep clean and sanitary, which is beneficial if you have allergies or small kids that play on the floor.

Ceramic tile isn't damaged by water like most other types of flooring. It stands up to water so well that it can even be used for shower flooring. The tiles are affordable and they last a long time, so they're a good investment for your home.

The Options In Tile Sizes

Ceramic tiles come in many sizes from small squares to large rectangles. This allows you to create a custom floor for your home if you want. Different sizes have a different impact on the appearance of a room. Large rectangular tiles have fewer grout lines so they have a clean and uncluttered look.

Smaller tiles have a quaint look since they have many more grout lines, and the extra grout lines give the flooring traction. You might want to use small square ceramic tile flooring in a bathroom and large rectangular planks in your living rooms and bedrooms.

The Choices In Colors

Ceramic tile flooring comes in just about any color you could want, and some tiles have patterns on them if you want an added flair. You might like white, black, or tan tiles, but you could also choose red, green, yellow, or multicolored.

Ceramic tile can also be made with an appearance that makes it look like granite, marble, or even wood. Wood-look ceramic tile planks have an authentic wood look complete with grains, knots, and even a hand-scraped surface.

Whether you want ceramic tiles for your kitchen due to their durability and water resistance or if you want ceramic tile flooring throughout your entire house, you'll find something that fits every room. Your flooring will look good for a long time without the need for much care. If you want flooring that stands up to pets, heavy foot traffic, and spills, then ceramic tile is a good choice. 

Reach out to a professional for more information about ceramic tile flooring