3 Reasons To Go With Travertine Tile For Your Floor

If you are building a home and putting in flooring, or if you are redoing the flooring in your current home, you have so many excellent options. Flooring has advanced so much in the last few years and it is hard to go wrong with most flooring options. However, one option that is universally great is travertine floor tiles. Here are three reasons to choose travertine tile flooring.  It Is Water Resistant [Read More]

Four Benefits Of Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

You are desperate to put wood flooring in your home; that makes sense because wood floors are beautiful. There are just a few issues or barriers you have with that project. One, you have a dog and kids. Two, you cannot afford hardwood flooring. Three, who has the time to go without a floor for hours or days while wood floors are installed? (Certainly not you.) Instead, consider waterproof vinyl plank flooring. [Read More]

P-Traps Aren't The Only Source Of Drain Odors

The smell of sewer gas coming out of a drain is a sign something's wrong, though the remedy is often as simple as pouring water down the drain. Most people think of an evaporating water seal in a p-trap when they smell bad odors, so it can be frustrating to add water only to still have the odor around. There are other causes, though, and while they aren't cause for alarm, they definitely need fast action because once you've smelled that rotting odor, you never want to smell it again. [Read More]

Three Ways to Keep Your Grout Clean

Tile is an ideal flooring option. It's long-lasting, relatively easy to maintain, and, most importantly, it looks great. However, the grout can sometimes be a struggle to keep clean. While it won't necessarily cause damage, dirty grout can make your floor look worn and unattractive. Fortunately, there are some ways you can simplify this task. Open the Windows Sometimes, when your tile grout looks dirty, it's not actually dirt. You could instead be looking at mildew. [Read More]