Three Things To Know About Hardwood Flooring

As a homeowner, installing new flooring can be a great way to increase home value, as well as make your home more comfortable. Older flooring can contain many allergens that could be affecting your health, which is why updating when it becomes necessary is a must. While there are many options for installing new flooring in your home, hardwood flooring is definitely one of the best. Here are three things that you should know about hardwood flooring: [Read More]

How To Install Engineered Hardwood Floors

Installing hardwood floors is a popular remodel for DIYers. This is because hardwood is sold in small packs at most home improvement stores. There is a wide range of different styles and wood species to choose from. Best of all, the hardwood floors are engineered to be modular. The pieces are made to be attached to each other, almost like pieces of a puzzle. This article highlights the installation process of engineered hardwood floors. [Read More]

5 Tips For Creating A More Appealing Office

Your office can say a lot about your business. If your office space is clean, inviting and decorated nicely, clients will be impressed. Before you invite your clients to your office, make sure the space is up to par. Here are five helpful tips for creating a more appealing office: Hire the Right Receptionist Whether you own a public relations or landscaping company, it is important to hire a receptionist who will make your clients feel welcome. [Read More]

How To Solve The Top 3 Potential Flooring Installation Issues

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Do your remodeling plans include installing new hardwood flooring? Although installation of hardwood flooring isn't complicated, here are some possible issues and how to avoid them: Floor gapping: While you may be eager to see what your home will look like, you should hold off on a new flooring installation until after the rest of your home renovation has been completed. Your flooring materials also need to sit inside your home for a period of time in order to acclimatize to your typical living conditions. [Read More]