3 Solid Materials To Consider For A Kitchen Countertop Remodel

If your kitchen is looking a little outdated, one way to freshen up the aesthetics is to switch out countertop materials. There are a lot of great materials worth considering for this makeover, but these three in particular top the charts for many reasons. Granite Granite is one of the more popular material choices and for good reason. It offers a high-end look that you don't really get with a lot of other countertop materials. [Read More]

Misconceptions About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There are misconceptions on just about everything in life and carpet cleaning is no different. There are a lot of falsehoods that many people believe about commercial carpet cleaning services, either because they think these false things make sense, or simply because that's what they have always heard. When you are thinking about commercial carpet care, you are going to want to be working with facts so you can make the right decisions regarding your carpet. [Read More]

Sealed Concrete Floors: Why Seal Them?

Most people who see the phrase, "sealed concrete," often wonder why you would seal concrete. After all, concrete is pretty watertight anyway. If you do not know that much about concrete (and who does, besides concrete contractors?), the following reasons for sealing concrete will help you understand better the reasons for installing and sealing a concrete floor in your commercial location. Sealed Concrete Means That Nothing Gets Through Yes, water cannot get through regular concrete. [Read More]

Tips for Caring for New Laminate Flooring

Did you just have new laminate flooring installed throughout your home? If so, your initial instincts may be to do whatever you can to prevent the floors from becoming damaged. Here are some tips for caring for laminate flooring material. Avoid Using Wood Polish Laminate flooring material is designed to replicate the look of real wood flooring, but you shouldn't care for the material in the same way you would care for real wood. [Read More]